Basic research involves the collection of all original works carried out by our consulted, with the aim of acquiring scientific knowledge in the field of holograms. In this type of research, properties, structures, and relationships are analyzed. The goal is to formulate hypotheses, theories, and laws, thereby obtaining new knowledge. This study will determine; The geographical area of action and the scope of innovation. Market need to cover. Objectify the final product.

Applied research aims at acquiring new scientific knowledge, but geared toward a determined practical goal. Among the results to be delivered in this research are: Identify competitors locally and globally. Foundations for research and development. Patents pending or if it is patentable.

The results are likely to be patented. This stage is concerned with obtaining first machinery, equipment, or material samples. If expected properties are truly fulfilled, we will be facing an “invention”. The patent will then be registered and industrial scale production will be prepared.

It is closely linked to basic research due to the use of possible outcomes gained from such research, and new methods and means are studied to achieve a specific goal. The results obtained are certain products and a range of new products.

Research of technological development is a continual process, until the product has been released into the market. It covers the use of different scientific knowledge in the production of materials, devices, procedures, and systems. Manufacturing methods suitable for reliable, industrial hologram production are investigated, thereby guaranteeing properties achieved in the previous stage of applied research.

A test-run must be prepared at this stage, which will allow for a prototype that will produce the marketable product and achieve the so-called zero series.  You can then have the necessary know-how skill set at your disposition.

When this is achieved, the technology necessary for manufacturing the product will be ready. A feasibility study will be generated, which includes the amounts required to invest based on different resources.

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